Now that we have a nice wooden bridge, the next cool thing would be a drawbridge we can close in case of attack.


  • I like it ^^
  • I would love to see that as well.
  • danug4danug4 Member
    i agree, this would be a great feature.
  • yeah, his would open up a lot of options for us as players
  • Yes! I was just thinking "Hmmm... I wish I could put a drawbridge here."
  • Would be amazing BUT corruptrons would be much easier to defeat
  • @ElBorak3: currently bricktrons have the bad habit of destroying the wooden bridges I make. By doing so, they fall in a pit from a previous quarry. That does not prevent them to get into my base by digging their way out of the pit.
    So I disagree with you. The only way it would be much easier to defeat them is if you were on an island where all the entries would be hold by drawbridges. (Un)fortunately there is no such map. :smile:
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