Emenos [Massive conquest/Sandbox]

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So this is a Map I worked on it for a while. I thinks its bigger than Big Island but im not sure.
If there are any issues just post it here so I can fix it. You are able to wolk over the mountains, but in conquest mode you are a easy target for archers.
Beware for long and big battles.
I created the map for my friends so we can play Pen and Paper. By the way: the map I "drew" is 5000 by 5000 Pixel big.

Here is the Castle Story version:


  • Hey dude,

    i really like your map...

    But I think it would be even better with more plateaus and if u would take graund away where there are rivers.

    From which game is this btw?
  • CreaperboxCreaperbox Member
    edited September 2016
    @B4ll3ntin3s I thoght about that, with the Rivers but when someone wants to play against the corruptrons are they not able to cross without a bridge. But I think I'm going to do 2 versions.
    And this world is created by me and my friends. (mostly me)
  • B4ll3ntin3sB4ll3ntin3s Member
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    It's no nice i downloaded it to play myself, will wait for version 2.0 do add a bit more mountains and more forest I think...

    Edit: maybe also removing the trails and replacing them witjh alot of small islands because I love builing te bridges.
  • @B4ll3ntin3s like I said I will do 2 versions of the map. Waht do you mean with more mountains?
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