Big mod by Monotony - Move base, controll and fight corruptrons and Bricktrons AI, COOP/PVP features

You can check out my youtube about castle story, mostly modding

Modding, screenshots, discussion in official Discord of Castle story:

[maybe I will add more info later]
---------------------------[LAST UPDATES:]
-Merging player's crystals(r=5) to equalize energy on kills.
-Healing staff blessing is protected by knockout power
-Trap have 66% chance to drop when stomped by a giant
-All elites drop iron(balancing staff brim drops)
-Minitrons now spawn with blaster on spawn (player controlled)
-Fixed PVP Barrel Archers (and bomber/mages, 0 arbalets check error)
-PVP Halberdier Nerf - no hat Prototype, fixed inconsistentcy bug
-Fixed minitrons dropping pickaxes infinitely
-You get 1 block back for building a statue (cost 2->1, experimental)
-To gain Upgraded Healing Staff it now requires to aggro enemy base (up to 3 staffs)
-Additional Brimstone bag for killing whoever carries a Staff
-Bricktrons dropping barrels and wards on death (beta w bug)
-Combining Mage & Arbalist into a Blaster, and back - now also is triggered near(4b) altar when a player creates or deletes a quarry task (button surrogate)
-Stone bags teleporting into stockpiles when workers are below it (e.g. quarry, r[x,z]=5), A statue on stock shows it's half-full
-Enemy base crystal can be destroyed but respawns itself with a big wave (fixed capturing invulnerable base crystal)
-Boxer mini-bosses - frequent biftron's punches, regen, teleport (map, beta)
-Fixed player's Staffs healing enemies (again)
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