Stockpile Logistics

I love this game. It’s unique and has so much potential. I’ve come back to many, many times. One thing I always get hung up on when I relearn how to play is the stockpile system. It drives me nuts that by default the bricktrons throw anything down on a stockpile. You have to creep over their shoulders as they build to maybe designate a stockpile to a specific resource before they throw some junk down. Maybe it’s just me, I like to organize my materials a certain way. It would be nice to have more control over this. Suggestions:

-remove the default allow anything on a stockpile, or at least allow a default to be assigned by the user
-create a task where a bricktron finds materials that don’t belong on a stockpile and moves it to a stockpile where it does belong
-prioritize materials to be used first if they are on the wrong stockpile

These are just the ones that have come to mind as I’m playing again. Maybe there is a more elegant solution that someone else can think of. I certain don’t suggest overcomplicating the logistics of stockpiles with dwarffortress-like customizability; I think the simplicity of this game is one of its strengths. Maybe I’d be willing to change my play style if others have different suggestions for organizing stockpiles and materials.
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