Hello, I'm writing to you in order to suggest, in my opinion, interesting update idea. I'm aware of the fact that these changes might be too big, hence controversial. Anyway I think they might improve the variety of gameplay significantly. I am pointing ideas in sequence to keep order.
1.More resources, cavalry
You could add to the game more resources. Not just minerals but also horses. Using this type of resource would allow player to make new units - cavalry. I'm conscious of the fact that it would need "revolution" in moving and fighting system but I'm sure it would be worth. As you do that it will be possible to add trebuchet (to keep variety as there is already a catapult) which will do the same as catapult but also will be able to move around the map. It would be a siege machine.
You have made islands, where we play on, floating. Under them there is a kind of an ocean. My idea is to make those islands float but on that ocean. Thanks to this change player would be able to build harbor (or something like that) and there ships. Using ship bricktrons would be able to move to other islands where corruptrons would have bases. So trebuchets may be needed not just in multiplayer but also in single mode. Corruptrons from adjacent islands would also invade player's base. In case of multiplayer islands may be headquarters of different players.
So huge changes may cause a need to extend population limit in game. Also I would like to point that all my suggestions are just basic ideas and all should be extended. By the way I shared this suggestion in Castle Story discord in general chat. My nickname is Mark11.
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