Video suggestion Castle story #1. Income from crystals

Video suggestion Castle story №1


With you, Oleg Kravtsov, also known under the nickname Siamant

I really like Castle story, and I want it to get better
So I decided to make some videos with suggestions for improving this game.

And in the first sentence I want to touch on the most important economic component of the game - the income of energy from the crystals.
Here is my suggestion:
I want that when creating the map, we had the opportunity to adjust the energy income for each crystal separately.
Including for the main one.

That is, when we put a crystal on field at the editor, we also indicate how fast and a lot of energy it produces.

1) This will give us the opportunity to customize the importance of points on the map.
For example, we can make a crystal with a high income, in the center of the map, for which there will always be a struggle.
And a few cheaper ones - which are easier to control.

Now, to make an important point on the map with a higher income, you have to put several crystals in one place, and it looks very awkward.
2) And yet, we will not need to edit the game files every time in order to expose the desired income from the crystals, since these settings will be tied to a specific map.
Any player who has downloaded the map from the workshop will be able to play according to the rules established by the creator of the map.
This would help those players who are not able to edit the game files, but, for example, want to play with the settings that were in our tournament.

Let me remind you that in our tournament, the income of the main crystal was halved, and the income from the crystals in the field was increased five times.
And I made these settings by editing the game files.
I would like to be able to bind these settings to a specific map, and after playing on it, quickly switch to another map with different settings.

3) And of course, the visual design! - for example, the higher the income from the crystal - the more he will have shoots.
I think it will look cool!

I think it will give inspiration to players to create many new maps, with important points that are worth fighting for!

If you like this suggestion and you agree with it - write me about it!
I’m also happy to read your suggestions for improving this game!

Well, that's it, wait for the next episode! Bye!


  • I fully agree with Oleg Kravtsov. These changes are necessary to attract a large audience to the game! :)
  • Very good idea! Customizable crystals will make game redactor more useful for people who create multiplayer maps and will make game more comforatable players who play on this maps.
    User created maps can attract more players, interested in multiplayer, so it's good idea to help map creators make them better.
  • MonotonyMonotony Member
    edited February 2022
    I know that it's possible to change every crystal's attributes in save file, but not sure it can be applied to maps (before crystals are spawned)
    Castle Story\Info\Saves\*yoursave*\gameobjects.json
    "brewDuration": 5.0,
    "fireflyFilling": 20
    Also there is Scale attribute on Bricktrons, Corruptrons, etc. that can make them giant or small. Maybe it can be used to increase the size of more valuable crystal?
    "localScale": {
    "$type": "UnityEngine.Vector3, UnityEngine",
    "x": 1.0000205,
    "y": 1.00000119,
    "z": 1.00001836
    Also you can try putting Shards inside each other at world editor (many in the same block, not sure if you meant that). You can have them floating/burrowed by lowering/raising floor where shard spot is on (shard won't follow height changes). In Info\UGC\Maps\*your map*\gameobjects.json there's also adjustable "radius": 5.0, attribute of shards (max radius to put capture ward)
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