Why is there a limit to blueprints?

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Hey, I was just wondering why there is a limit of 16 blueprints, could there not be an option to click next page and it would just show the next page of blueprints you have subscribed to? It can be annoying sometimes having to unsubscribe from cool stuff just to try another thing.


  • The reason there is a limit is because the blueprints have to be loaded when you enter a map. So the more Blueprints you have the longer the loading time gets. So they put it there that the loading time don't get rediculous long. But you can increase the limit in the files if you don't bother about the loading time.
    It has been shown on stream once
    Or if you prefer it writen :D
    1. Open C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Castle Story\Info\Lua\LUI\Menus\GameMenu.lua
    2. Press CTRL + F
    3. Search for maxCompound
    4. Change the value "16" to your liking
    5. Save and close the file
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