Really need to improve AI system

I've bought the game recently and what stumbled me was the AI system.
It really need to be reworked here is why :
- I'm planning a construction whith 3 blocks for example, I accept the plan and Boom, everybody go to work.
Nice, I think, but nope !!

My 5 little guys all grab a brick and go to the construction site, the first 3 lay the block and the 2 other stay there a while thinking "my destination is no longer available", then go back to stock pile to stock the brick they carry.

What a waste of time, more over, the resource is no longer available for other to build something else.
This game is awsome, but the AI system lacks a bit of intelligence. They don't work together very well.

If you can improve this point, it will be very good.


  • Well, it's normal that the AI has to be improved yet, but if you played the game some months ago (like a year or two ago), you would really appreciate the effort in the big advance they did on this topic lol. It's just all about time!

    In my opinion, as I said, it has improved a lot.
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