New Crystal: Blue Gem

I feel that brimstone has become very redundant. Its used as a power source, a light source, and a source of magic. I mean, how many things can sulfur do? I think that a way to solve this problem is to add back a type of gem, the blue gem. It would make sense because the home crystal is a power source, it created/sustains the Bricktrons, and powers the wards with magic. Some ideas to obtain the blue crystal would be to have it generate very low down in the bottom of the island, or have it kinda rare and have it have to be made into a big crystal in a crystal compactor. Maybe a clump of large crystals would be found on one far of reign of the island and the bricktrons need to send a party to get to it, making it a way to have more exploration in the game instead of just cooping up in your castle (another reason is sense the home crystal is an objective and blue crystals are what it is made of.) Gems would replace brimstone in the wards (but not the torch) and the Artificer's wand.


  • Interesting idea.

    I have been thinking about a few basic resource changes. I like the concept of brimstone being the magic resource, but make wood more useful. Why can we not burn wood.........?

    - Wooden doors only was a major win. Thank you!
    - The furnace could use wood (logs superior and planks inferior) as a fuel source instead of brimstone.

    - It would be sweet if catapults could throw stone. As was mentioned before in an old thread, two types of shot: Boulder and grapeshot. When you select the catapult, you choose which shot to use - Barrels, Boulders, or Grapeshot (and it will calculate which ammo to load, barrel or boulders).

    If you chose barrels, it will operate as it does now. If you chose Boulders, it will load 1 Stone Block from your stock pile. If you chose grape shot, it will load harvested stone in lower quantities... (or just stone block from your stockpile).

    The Boulder would launch to your assigned target a large rock boulder that does high damage, but to a limited location, no splash damage. Could be interesting to siege an enemy castle too... The Grapeshot would shoot 25 or so small projectile rocks that hit for lower damage in a splash area near the target.

    - As has been said before, a portcullis (or gate, possibly with drawbridge). I can see the issue with this due to pathfinding. But it would be so cool.
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