The change in the ability of the magician

Hello , I play castle story 200 hours and all of them in multiplayer , in all that time I used the magician only 2 times and those fights have already been wygrana and I just was messing with the enemy , but in a real fight this class war is just useless it has a sickly which restores health and damage as the Archer in this range have a second more and he's more mobile , but now not about it , and the fact that he's got no damage for a fight that did not very weak he will save from 2 to 3 arrows but if the enemy army which realties spearmen they will just focusit , and if they are not sick will not help as they said is very weak.

My proposal doesn't force you to do as I suggested and give you a reason to think about what to do with this character.

My proposal :

Replace the aura of the treatment on aura attack speed

This will solve such battles such as the battles with the same composition of armies ( for example 15 to 15 archers) army with a mage will menshestve , but it will shoot 1.5 times faster , so their will be 1.5 times more than the enemy

To add the magician an aura of protection for all warriors, this aura will be much more useful than swordsmen with limited mobility , especially that they still need to build the smithy ,and in multiplayer the altar built immediately to the wards and will be pleased to have the opportunity to protect their archers very pleasant aura , it would be a good counter tactic for Mas kopnicky which is now the most effective and cheap units it can be controlled.

To add the magician aura of resistance to damage 10-25%
it also will be a good helper during the siege the enemy base because the enemy may be in charge. ward , and often you don't have the opportunity , and the increase in EH(effective health ) will be good
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