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We have Merlons we have corbels yet there is a big tactical thing missing for Castles. Those are Machicolations.
For those who don't know what it is. It's basically a hole in the wall so Archers can shot at people that are directly at the wall while having cover behind a merlon. (see image below if you can't imagine it)

I actually managed to make something like that in game. But i has way to many flaws to be used.
They can only shoot at enemies that are directly in front of the merlon and not the one next to them. Also it mostly uses single Blocks so it's quite expensive and if one block gets destroyed it crumbles.

I made a cheap version just for fun and submitted it to the workshop.

I don't know how exactly it should be implemented though.


  • your 'prototype' looks good but I don't think it'd work on taller walls.
  • @Restredainted Yea it doesn't work on taller walls. The current easy fix is to just put a merlon in front of the wall. Any your archers are able to shoot at all corruptrons
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