6 main problems in the game

suggestion how to improve the game
1) to increase health Brick by 2-3 times (because in pvp no one used common blocks and all blocks are used with the bevel, because it's faster and more efficient, but will also increase the health of a normal unit, will be motivated to build walls and fortresses so as of now all building transei
2) when the player connects to the server and presses the "Cancel" button, he returns to the Main menu and he has to make a lot of extra clicks to select another server, although very often cancel the connection to the server, because they simply can not go from the first time
3) when the host saves the game, the players on the server take off and that would solve the issue while saving the game on pause and players was written that is, the preservation of which solve the problem.
4) (flag = spawn )flag was assigned to a certain place because they always spawn at the beginning of the game you don't always know where you start which is very inconvenient in pvp and single player mode
5) increase the speed of transfer of things (Brick, logs, boards) that would solve the problem, 1- (that would build a beautiful castle need a lot of time)and 2- (the Problem is that you can not build fortifications far from spawn so ka Bricktrons very long carry the goods to the destination)
6) generally improve the network code (1 player not can quickly enlist to 2 kin need to solve this problem (with the passage damage all well for 200 hours pvp of a never being asked problems)


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