Door and Gate Types

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1)Wooden door: basically no hp just for cosmetic purposes.(2 planks?)
2)Reinforced wooden door: the door in the game now.
3)Iron door:it has more hp than reinforced wooden door but not the best one.(5 irons?)
4)Iron gate: the perfect entrance for your castle and walls, it is bigger than other doors and also has more hp but requires more iron.(10 irons?)


  • The iron gate and doors really fits with the theme of the game, so it would sound like a great idea! Plus, we definitely need stronger doors.
  • I agree, though I didn't consider iron doors/gates. maybe even portcullis for the best one?
    I really miss the old door with how it worked with the arches as seen below.

    as opposed to how with a 3 high wall with the new door there's an ugly wooden beam at the top of the door.

  • Portcullis for the best one? Definitely yes. There should be a mechanic between the arch and the door. If you place arch first and door later it should turn arched door like your first picture but if you dont place the arches or place the door first it should stay normal.
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    If you look, the icon for the door is still that of the old door, to fit in the archway.

    And if the portcullis was larger for more movement. something like

  • Yes, I can imagine how good it looks with portcullis
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