Name in the game

hi, I bought this tier on kickstarter 2012:
Get the original PROTOTYPE soon after the Kickstarter is over! You also get the BETA at a pre-release price with free updates for life and get your name in the final game. (see reward above)

Where I can find my name?

Best regards


  • All the names are on credit island. Depending on the Tier you bought it's either written out in Letters somewhere on the Island or it's in a blue crystal ore somehwere in the ground. If you dig that block the soul will pop out and a Bricktron with your name will spawn.
    Note the name is in one specific block and you will have to look for it. Have fun digging xD
  • Thank you. I checked the credit island and I think a bought a lower tier and my name should be a blue crystal. Is it possible to get my name faster? Thats a big map and I dont know my submitted name :smile:
    Hope I can find it, have a lot of full stockpiles, but not my name...
  • You can just turn of stone brimstone and iron. Also if you place 2 tunnel tasks next to each other you will have to mine 2 voxel rows less. So just make Tunnels quite low and mine it everything above will crumble but be aware it will be quite laggy due to all the rubble and calculations
  • Thanks for the advice, I think I can also use it to get other games as well.
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