Hey Honey I'm home, I brought a lil' something for the kids! Let me tell you what, I love me some conquest. This game mode packs a big punch to the overall combat of the game. Unlike Starcraft 2, this game has you on your feet, always. When I play starcraft I find myself at a point where to win I must be more economically stable then my enemy, being able to support and resupply my army is the only way I can keep up and hopefully over power my rival. In the meta there is a lot of number crunching to make sure that what I have is cost effective and appropriate for my situation, like wise, at the end of the day for Castle Story: Conquest its very much a numbers game. It makes sense, all the game is really, is a bunch of numbers and commands but, this game wants to remind you that Bricktrons add a human and critical element not seen very clearly in other RTSs. when you lose a Bricktron, you feel it for a while. Production slows down, building almost always stops, and there's no chance of scouting, you need to hunker down and resupply. Why go through that though? Simple answer is, most dont, so we get the stalemate issue. If you attack, you leave yourself open and your only going up against an enemy (just like you) always working to increase their troop count and the structures around their crystal. So? How do you win? You have to take risks, you have to plan, and most of all you must go all in, even if you know you wont make it to their crystal you still gotta be able to hurt them enough not to immediately get a counter attack going back for your crystal. This is amazing, it really allows the game to show what it has to offer, sadly I have one major issue. The only goal is to destroy your enemy. Now yes, I know conquest is a PvP game type, but it has an odd feeling to it. Halo, a game series that I adore also has a very strong multiplayer appeal, a lot of people I know after Halo 3 started only getting halo games for the Multiplayer, The goal is indeed to destroy the enemy team but, halo's sandbox demands more adaptive gameplay then Castle Story which I find crazy because in Castle Story you can build ANYTHING! when someone on the enemy team in halo has the rocket launcher, you as a player must adapt, there is no other launcher you have to find a way to counter them, maybe if I use a sniper from a long range, I can hit them from pretty far out and I can move around to avoid it's missiles... wait... move around, as a player you need to be aware of your surroundings as well, all of this simply to kill a guy with a different weapon then you. This kind of game play rock paper scissors is extremely important, it demands players to give them selves secondary goals and builds layer of detail not seen a whole lot in games anymore. The fact that your spawn have everything you need doesn't allow that self driven goal mind set about exploration, there is nothing to discover, nothing new to bring back from scouting, could you imagine finding old ship yards where you could build air ships at! It would be amazing, maybe maps start to have many different biomes where new types of weapons can be made or better building materials can be found, there needs to be something that drives the player forward, wanting to seek more. Well that's it, I'm all burnt out, I have a strong dislike for typing, I think maybe... I might start making youtube videos about Castle Story instead. Well its been a pleasure but I must be going. Seeyah



  • PVP is great in this game. But sadly in pvp there are Catapults that have no counters - It's mass suicide to destroy It, or build your own catapult against it. Or play without them. also it scales alot with ping/host advantage, unless the shot goes on a static target. Catapults make overpriced heavy military even more useless, one good shot can erase 4 of your heavy dudes. for them it cost 10 brim, for you it can be 200 ores...
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