I think that is all this game is missing. All castles need dragons. Death and destruction from above.

Perhaps dragons don't even bother with your crystal but just wreak having on your constructions.


  • I think that is not a great idea...
    I mean, is that really needed?
    The most stronger Corruptrons can easily destroy walls and kill everyone.
    Also, the actual distance weapons are designed to target slow enemies. Is de dragon going to fly ultra-slow like levitation for being targeted?
  • I'd actually like it if there were little tamables in the worlds. Maybe we could have a small class that can tame wolves or even the dragons, create dragonrider Bricktrons. Something for the Halberdier to level up to after its usefulness wanes a little later in the game.
  • The dragon is a good idea for an air enemy. Maybe it could tank the ranged classes and focus on buildings.
  • Is it be a normal dragon or like other enemies; a rock based dragon?
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