One more time: LAAAGs, FREEEZing

I know that the topic has already been touched on the forum millions of times, but ...
a) A cheap game is not what it offers:
- a few building blocks
- several maps
b) Very rarely updated, and optimization lies and squeals.
- when can I expect to repair the game code or return the cashier for the purchase?

Yes, yes, my PC specification:
Processors on server board is 2x AMD
HDD: SDD in RAID 0+1 (Matrix implemented as RAID 1, elements of which are RAID 0 arrays)
GPU: 2x (old) GTX 1050

Game resolution: 1920x1080 or 1920x1200

In this PC I can run NASA rocket symulations or around 100 copies Minecraft ot a time or this small game :D but on only one i have freezing every (around) 1-2min for 1-3sec

Please fix it now.


  • You do know that having two GPUs doesn't help game performance jack shit right? The "graphics powers!!!111!" don't stack, but besides that I really do find it weird you're having performance issues. I myself am running an old EVAG AMD 7800HD series with barely 1gb of dedicated memory, an old 3.5 ghz AMD Quad Core CPU, and 8gb of RAM. Your specs definitly look better than mine, so yeah, that's fucking weird buddy. Is this a PVP issue or a PVE issue? I ain't gonna lie, I'm not much of a PVPer so I don't get into super intense jams with multiple players, I usually just do 1v1 if I do any PVP at all.
  • The question is what CPU does he have. Because i doubt that the game will use both or all cores if there are many like many games only use 3 threads.
    I am running a i5 760 quad core 2,8 ghz and i get lags but only in really really late game and if so i just restart the game and its fine again so like after 6 hours or so.
    Also the game is getting updated quite frequently. I mean the updates are barely 1 month apart. What do you expect a update every week and then half a year no update like tv series do it ?
    By the way i can run multiple Minecrafts too. I mean the requirements aren't really high esepcially if you just start it.
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