Huge Conquest PvP Series (planed 20+ hours playtime)

So I had this Idea about a peaceful PvP where everybody is going to Build their Castle and then Suddenly War will break out people can trade Iron or other Material if their ally is in need of them.

It is on a big map I made by myself called Very Big Island (what a great name)

I dont want to show more but it is really big.

Im also going to upgrade the Maximum Bricktron Capacity from 15 max. to 30 or 40.

I will upload it on youtube. You dont have to be in the Voice chat with me just if you want to.

We need 2 guys more to have a 1v1v1v1 and I hope we can have a lot of fun.

I thought that we could meet each weekend for at least one hour to play or more if everybody wants to play / can play more.
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