Hosting a game online

Hello. Yesterday I tried to play a game online with my friend, but he wasnt able to connect. My game would pop up in his public server list, when he attempted to join, it would say "Joining game" infinitly. same would happen when I tried to join his game.

I looked in the form and saw a suggestion to use Evolve (VPN), but that didnt work either. LAN games work fine, just games over the internet wont work.

Need help.

Great Griffin. (Devon)



    This is a global router. The "Free" subscription allows for 100 users on the network. You create an account and run the software on each member of the network. The software routes connections between members, and operates local network addresses the same way a real router does.

    It should work like Evolve, although I am not sure why the likes of Evolve and Hamachi are so non-functional. The good news is that if this solution works, you can use it for any game :~)
  • I think it is right we can connect to many players on the party list which is present in the menu. You can also invite others to join in the game.
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