Patrol Task back

I am really missing the Patrol Task sometimes i just don't always like to have a knight standing there or rushing into enemy spawn alone


  • it's already on, it's call "back to work"
  • zeene05 said:

    it's already on, it's call "back to work"

    You are propably a quite new player and don't exactly know what i mean.
    It is a task where a melee unit runs around in a specific radius and once a enemy comes in that radius the melee unit will attack it

  • Put your knight in defensive mode?
  • zeene05 said:

    Put your knight in defensive mode?

    Then the Corruptron might just attack the wall and your Knight just stands there
  • Ok I tried what you said and I see where is the problem.
    Sometimes I like the aggressive mode (in multiplayer) but if we could have a patrol task on the defensive mode it could be great.
  • Yeah the patrol function was a 50/50 for me, sometimes it was useful sometimes it wasn't. Part of the issue is because the patrol function was restricted to just a circle, there was no way to customize it. Really wish they didn't remove it entirely though, it has its utility for PVE game modes and severely eases on the APM.
  • I agree.I never actually saw the patrol task being used but it seems like it could be useful in large,player-made Conquest maps.
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