Allow pathing through obstructions if removeable

For example on Zuma one stratagy is to make chokepoints on the two paths to the base area but if for example you order your knights to come in although the first might the ones after it might see that the path is occupied and run all the way around the map, actually does that happen with brickton obstructions? or perhaps some logs dropped earlyer are blocking a door so archers go around to a corruption infested one instead of taking the time to move the logs out of the way. Bricktons should still path through obstructions but at a pathing penalty. Honestly in general AI should be better, I have no idea about the problems with improuving it but still might as well mention it. Also the corruption AI, stuff like if one is breaking something then is attacked it should defend itself or put a pathing penalty on places they've died before so they learn not to go through chokepoints even if it means breaking a hole in the wall.
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