Stumps and healer

First of all stumps are anoying and theres not an easy way to get rid of them. Only option is to manuel remove them. would there be an easier way to get them removed.
Healers can change stance bteween attack stance and healing stance. its anoying when you marked him as an healer but you wanna do an attack move and you cannot do that without him changing stance, its relevent he changes because he cannot attack while in healer. But if you make an normal move the soldiers wont attack unleash they're attacked. As it is you have to make an attack move and and manual move but the healer will just pass by the soldiers if they're attacked leaving them vulnerable and him aswell as he just walk into death alone.

there will be typos english is not my first langugue


  • Perhaps repair areas could automatically designate stumps for removal?
  • yea or cleaning task. i also fough ton a way to make the mage stick, if you could make him follow an speciel unit and he would wander behind them. would also be useful for archers, and if the units he follows is attacked they will assist if they have an attack.
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