What about a new Unit for the Bricktrons

The new unit would be a Assassin who deal high Damage but has low Health, you can make the Assassins Kit on the laboratory he would cost 2 iron ingots, 2 Rope and 2 Fabric

I would love to see a kit like that ^^


  • I like it, But you should make it 3 iron ingots, 3 fabric, and 1 rope
  • Why the Rope ?
  • I hate this unit, it would just be a spam unit to zerg rush with. Make it more costly, give it sabotage abilities, be undetectable unless seen by a sentinnel or Wizard and a gimmick like attacking from the rear, instead of just mindlessly making it do more damage. The same issues I had with the ninja suggestion thread I have with this one.
  • Hmm, ya, wouldn't be much use with singleplayer
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