My ideas for the game

Here are some of my ideas that might make the game more interesting.
1.More Ores
The only ore within the game are iron and brimstone, so it would be nice to see some minerals added that are better/worse than iron and can be used in different crafting recipes.

Maybe Biomes (say a desert or a snowy mountains) can change what items you can craft, say in the desert you can craft cactus weapons for the Halberdiers or in the snowy mountains you can craft bows that can use ice tipped arrows that can slow enemies.

3.More Units
I generally would love to see more units, like a summoner for the bricktrons that can summon a brimstone golem that requires fuel (brimstone) to get stronger over time, making machines for the bricktrons to use in battle yet corruptrons can mount them, or even more working units that have different buffs to certain tasks.

and finally...
4.More use of glass
I barely use glass within the game do to it being barely used in crafting and other things, maybe wards can take glass just so I can lose the name of the RedWardSpammer.

I feel as if some of these ideas might make the game more interesting and fun for players, hope to see some of my ideas used in the future.

sincerely RedWardSpammer
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