Boats / Oceans

Here is what i think you should add to the game:

Oceans would be a good element to add as "thirst" could create a new "thing" to manage. Islands also can be separated by gaps and bodies of water or some sort of liquid.

Boats can be a new way to travel around the oceans, so there can be boat battles, also this can be a way to trade as i said in another suggestion. this also makes exploring fresh by land and by sea.

To conclude i like to say this would be a nice feature of the game if you added it. But with or without this feature Castle Story will hold a special place in my heart.


  • I would like the water too. Maybe substitute the void, if you want, on the map editor.
  • Thirst wouldn't fit with the apparently golem bricktons and any bodies of water probably won't be big enough to be called oceans but lakes, moats, simple water physics and boats could be interesting, much later though.
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