The Isles Of The Obelisk (Conquest and Invasion)

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Play in a 1 v 1 v 1 Conquest match with everyone on a different island, or play invasion and spawn on a random island, on this map with balanced loot, crystals and spawns. There are many old ruins on the map, which you can rebuild and use as defences.


These are the Isles Of The Obelisk, a large crystal which contains all of the power of this world. This Obelisk is the reason why all islands float and whomever has control of the isles, has control of the Obelisk. So your king send you to the island to gain control, but what you don't know is that others had the same idea. So now you are fighting to for control of the isles and the Obelisk.


If it says anything about Admin only you can still download and play this map! I don't really know what it means but it does it on another one of my maps, and i don't know if it's the same on this map, but you can still play this map!

And the island may look different sizes but i made sure everything is balanced so no player has an advantage over the others.

Here are some Screenshots


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