The Artificers

Hello everyone, I've been watching the progress that Castle story has suddenly been making, and was thinking about a few things.

First off the Artificers could be of more use than a simple heal or damage unit, whats the point of them besides healing; Archers/Arbalists do the damage so I never use them for damage. What if there was a mana resource of sorts, you get this "mana" by smelting Brimstone into a special forge, and Artificers could refill their staves with this "mana" for certain things, like healing could be more powerful but use mana, or he could shield Bricktrons from the knock-back (And perhaps a little damage) from the Biftrons, and have a chance to completely reflect the warlocks ranged attacks

Perhaps this mana could also be used for things like the wards, and when they run out the wards would be unable to work.

I believe these ideas would be simple in terms of gameplay, but still add to the depth of it. (And of course you guys can edit and switch out anything to make the idea more simple, but you get the rough idea)

Oh and please make Bricktons not rush back into combat when they have little to none hp, it makes micromanaging three suicidal soldiers annoying, and ruins the fun for me when I ulitmately have to reload a save because they thought they could take on a warlock and five Biftrons by themselves with no hp.
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