Experience, Achievements, and Currency

Credit goes to @TommyAsian for inspiring to make this thread. :)

Ok, I know, I know, someone already suggested something like this. I even credited their name. You can hate me if you want.

I'm suggesting adding an experience system for the game we love. This could give some purpose for playing the game itself. You would get "XP" for doing certain tasks such as harvesting, construction, killing enemies, summoning Bricktrons, crafting, and more! The list can go on and on, but these are the first ones that would come to mind. You would "level up" after you get a certain amount of XP. The higher your "level" is, the more XP you would need to level up. There can be a max level. Each time you level up, you get a "Skill Token" you can use to get "Skills" and "Perks."

Skills are upgrades to your Bricktron kits. There are "Skill Trees" for every kit, including the Worker. Here is an example: Let's do one of the Skill Trees for the Worker. The tree we pick can start out with carry capacity. Once you unlock that, you can unlock new skills that branch out from that skill. Let's suppose the carry capacity skill branches out to three different skills, one that upgrades the carry capacity even further, one that increases building speed, and one that increases harvesting. We decide to do building speed skill and hold the other ones off for later. That one branches off into a skill that increases landscaping speed and a skill that increases building range (e.g. Workers can build one voxel further than they used to with this skill.). Are you catching on?

Perks are just, well, perks! They aren't direct upgrades to Bricktrons, but to just things in the game overall. These will have "Perk Trees." I'm not going to get into the Perk Trees because they are just the same as skill trees. An example of a Perk is one that gives you 10% more Gold (will be talked about later in the discussion). There can also be a Perk that allows Bricktrons to automatically slide down the walls of cliffs to get to their destination so you don't have to waste your time going through the pie menu.

Now, let's get to a currency system. Remember when I mentioned Gold while I was explaining perks, and you had no idea what I was talking about? Well, Gold is our currency. Gold can be obtained by killing Corruptrons and completing rounds of Conquest and Invasion. Of course, these are only a few of the ways you could get Gold. Gold would be used for buying new structures, bricks, and more. When I say this, I mean adding an in-game shop. Why not?

Ok, let's get to an achievement system. When I say achievements, I don't mean the ones that appear on the Steam page. I'm talking about in-game achievements that you can earn XP and Gold from. These can be called "Goals." The name seems appropriate. Here are some ideas for starter Goals.

Starter Closet - Build a Stockpile.
Manager - Complete a task.
Lumberjack - Chop a tree.
Newbie - Get to Level 2.

Here are some more advanced ones.

Don't Try This at Home - Get 300 kills using Alchemists.
Living Underground - Tunnel 1,000 voxels.
Unlocking War - Kill 200 Warlocks.
Stab Much? - Get 1,500 kills using Knights.

I'm going to make a thread based on achievement ideas later.

For now, that's all I have! Thanks for reading! Tell me what you think!
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