How to Make Your Bricktron Unit Idea!

Hey, everyone! It's the person you love hate, TheRedSwordsman!

I've decided to come up with this guide since I haven't seen one on the forums or an admin bother to do it yet. Here I am with a [kind of] super amazing guide!

The first thing you want to do is think of the concepts of each troop currently in the game. Here are the concepts for each troop:
Knight - armored melee
Archer - cheap ranged attacks
Halberdiers - cheap melee
Arbalists - strong ranged attacks
Artificer - damage and healing
Alchemist - splash damage
Those are basically the concepts for each troop.

Now you have to come up with a new concept that would be welcomed in the game. Maybe you want a troop that has a long swinging attack so it hurts multiple enemies around it. This would be useful for crowd control. You may want a troop that stuns an opponent in its tracks so allies have more time to attack. This would be very helpful against Biftrons as their movement will be slowed even more. We will use both of these as examples for the rest of the discussion.

You have to describe your unit's properties. This is stuff like damage and armor. You have to balance it in gamemodes and so that it doesn't make another army unit useless. For example, the Arbalist does more damage than the Archer, but because the Archer is cheaper and has more range, neither of them are made useless as they both are better than each other in different things. It's the same thing with the Halberdiers and Knights. They both have the same attack power, but Halberdiers are cheaper. However, because of the Knight's ability to withstand hits that the Halberdier lacks, they both are useful in different ways.

It's time to give statistics to our two examples. I think the troop with the spin attack would fit with a double-sided axe. It would moderate damage, as it can hit all enemies around it. It would have a slow attack speed and be more expensive than a Knight. However, it would have good armor points and would be able to withstand hits. The slow attack speed and expensive resources keep this from making Knights and Halberdiers useless.

Now we can start with our stunning kit. A shuriken seems like the best idea for now. Since they are shurikens, this unit will use ranged attacks. This kit will throw a volley of 2 shurikens every 3 seconds. Let's make them stun for 0.3 seconds. They can simply It isn't much, but if it was something like a whole second, it would basically be a walking, automatically re-arming bear trap (I know a bear trap stuns for two seconds instead of one, but this is two times every three seconds). Structures can be stunned by these guys too. Just like Alchemists, you have to re-arm them with shurikens from a stockpile, which can be crafted with an iron ingot at a forge. Up to 20 shurikens can be held at once.The shurikens themselves don't do much damage. In cost, this kit is more of in the middle.

Yes, you heard me. This unit with low damage and low armor isn't super, super cheap. The reason to this is because you have to think about how the troop would do in large quantities. For example, if this were super cheap, you could have like 25 of those. Let's put that against a Biftron. With the knowledge that two shurikens are thrown per ninja every three seconds, we can use that to figure out that 50 of shurikens would be thrown in three seconds. Here is where the important part comes in. Each shuriken stuns the enemy for 0.3 seconds. This thing is getting stunned 50 times every 3 seconds. Therefore, the Biftron gets stunned about 15 seconds every 3 seconds. I know they have a limited amount of projectiles they can throw before they need to be re-armed, but this will last each one 30 seconds regardless. Since there are 25 of the shuriken guys, this would be 500 shurikens and 150 seconds of stun before they run out. The Corruptrons won't be able to make a move, let alone a Biftron! Also, don't even get me started about what would happen in multiplayer...

Now that we have the concept and statistics, we can go on to the cost. You have to figure out what the equipment is and what it's made of. The axe kit is going to have an axe made of 5 iron ingots and a plank. It's also going to have, let's say, a Viking helmet made of 3 iron ingots and 2 planks. That gives us a cost of 8 iron ingots and 3 planks. Not bad, considering that the materials can be easily obtained. It also looks like it's more expensive than a Knight, just like it's supposed to be. This could suit to be crafted at either a forge or a workbench.

We can do the same with our shuriken guys. This thing can wear a ninja mask made out of 3 fabric. It will also have a sack (like the ones the workers carry, but black) tied to its back with some rope. This would be 2 fabric and 1 rope. Therefore, the cost is 5 fabric and 1 rope. This should probably be crafted at a workbench.

Don't think we're finished yet.You have the troop in general, but now you need to give them the reason they should even put it in. You can do that with strategies, ways you can use this kit in battle. For example, you can drop an axe guy or two when you need to clear some crowd control. If you can gather the resources for a few shuriken guys, you can put them in a line near your enemy and use it stop them in their tracks. Make sure you have some stockpiles nearby. You could also let some attack and some refill so the enemy is being stunned on normal intervals.

Now, you have to make sure your unit isn't overpowered or underpowered. This can be done with counters, ways you can defend against this kit. For example, if you are trying to attack that axe unit, you shouldn't clump up a bunch of Archers at an easily accessible area. Spread out units so the axe unit's concept is nullified. For the shuriken units, you simply have to make sure you can attack them from a far range. If you can manage to get some Knights and/or Halberdiers in, it will stun them, but the shuriken unit can be taken down due to the low damage of the shurikens.

Now your kit is almost ready! You only need a name! The axe kit can be called a Viking, while the shuriken kit can be called a Ninja.

If you want the graphics to be accurate or something explained well, add a picture! If you lack artistic talent, you can always ask someone to help you out!

If you know how to animate, create a video showcasing the kit in action!

That's all I have for now. I may add your ideas for improvement on this thread. I hope this helped!

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