Some suggestions from a casual player

1. Give the player an option to choose between Bricktrons wearing shawls of different colours and full colored Bricktrons. For me it would be easier and faster to just look at a Bricktron to know which player it belongs to.

2. Make Corruptrons realize that one of two paths is blocked by a wall. Basically make them a bit smarter so when we play invasion it's not only "defend one choke".

3. Make capture wards capture the shards faster when they're connected to the main crystal.

4. Add an option to regrow trees.

5. Make an option to get rid of the stubs after cutting down a tree.

6. Add an option to make a certain Bricktron go and take a weapon automatically whenever a Corruptron is spotted by a lantern ward/is attacking Bricktrons

I guess that's it.

Thank you for your hard work and keep it up! You've made a great game!


  • 1. Bricktrons are made of brimstone, they will remain yellow. Shawls got different colours so what's the problem with it?
    2. They're bugged thats why they're doing things like that.
    3. What? xD

    5. Construction task or pie menu of every worker?
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