Achievement suggestions from a silly achievement hunter

I'm really into completing achievements, so naturally when I see a game that I love that doesn't have that many achievements I like to suggest a few. And as someone who has completed alot of achievements in my carrier as an achievement hunter I feel like I have an idea of what makes them fun. I also believe achievements should be used as a way to get people to explore different parts of a game, I'm personally a big fan of those!

Achievements that involve being a murderer because video games

[Oh baby a triple] Kill 3 Corruptrons with 1 explosive barrel
[Quintuple Kill] Kill 5 Corruptrons with 1 explosive barrel
[DIE INSECT!] Kill a Warlock only using Pylon Wards

Who doesn't like a challenge?

[For science!] Complete a wave of invasion using only Alchemists
[A clean victory] Defeat conquest without any Bricktrons dying
[A stretch] Defeat conquest using only Archers

No one ever picks support!

[Where does it hurt?] Heal Bricktrons for a total of 10,000 HP
[MEDIC!] Heal Bricktrons for a total of 100,000 HP
[Heroes Never Die] Revive the same Bricktron 5 times

I don't know what to put here

[You Must Construct Additional Pylons!] Place down 100 pylon wards
[Not enough space] Fill up 250 Stockpiles in a sandbox game

Hidden Achievements (like for real these should be hidden)

[Harry you'r a wizard!] Turn Harry into an Artificer
[To infinity and beyond!] Have a Bricktron jump off the island

I like putting down millions of bricks, but wood' you please give the lonely planks some love?

[Novice Carpenter] Put down 100 planks
[Intermediate Carpenter] Put down 1000 planks
[Senior Carpenter] Put down 10,000 planks
[Bored Carpenter] Put down 100,000 planks

No one liked them anyways ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

[Not a pacifist anymore] Slay 100 Corruptrons
[This means war!] Slay 1000 Corruptrons
[Some people want to watch the world burn] Slay 10,000 Corruptrons


  • you're*
  • I don't hunt achievements or anything but I totally understand those who do and I agree Castle Story is somewhat lacking in that department, and these look like amazing additions! Keep thinking up more I'd love to see what you come up with.
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