QoL Tweaks

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  1. "Destroying" wards in build tasks should return the ward item. As of now, the bricktron smash them instead, without any resources regained.
  2. "Melee" and "Ranged" units as displayed at the bottom right currently don't properly include all classes, e.g. arbelist; Either make a group for each class and show them only when there's at least one member, or include at least the halberdiers in melee and the arbelists in ranged.
  3. Might it be possible to automatically queue a crafting material, e.g. rope, when required but not available? As of now, these materials must be manually set to be "continuously produced", then turn that off again (else it would, for example, turn all iron bars into gears).
  4. Invasion timer should give a warning even when hidden, e.g. task view; As of now, it only flashes red a few seconds in advance (if shown, of course) and plays a sound effect when the wave has already begun, which is usually too late to even arm your bricktron. There's a 30-seconds sound warning for invasion waves according to the Lua code, but I can't hear it.


  • I haven't actually played invasion in awhile, but last time I did I thought I remembered a 30s warning
  • relating to point 3 that could be resolved with a quota system.

    For example you could set a requirement for at lest 10 rope and when you fall below it the automatic task is turned back on and turned back off when you reach the target.
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