Suggestion for improving the Call to Arms function

So one thing i've noticed a lot of the time is that by the time i'm up to wave 15-20 or so on invasion i need to do a lot of micro to get all of my bricktrons into formation/where they need to be. The process is tedious to catch my knights as they run of the the home crystal, making sure they're in hold position mode facing the correct direction. As for my arbalests, i need to make sure they go to all of their battle stations.

So the implementation of a 'to battle stations' feature would be nice. Assign a bricktron (lets call him ted) to get a kit from (assigned) weapon stand, then move to (assigned) position.
This would also mean i could set up a few weapon stands with just arbalest kits on the top floor of my castle, and have them walk right up to their post a few blocks away.

Another suggestion would be an extra option for the Call to arms and 'to battle stations' (mentioned above) functions would be for urgency. Too often all of my bricktrons get weapons equipped and leave a landslide around all of my weapon stands. High urgency is the call to arms in the current state. Low urgency gets your workers to deposit what they have first, then get their weapons

new feature: 'to battle stations' to have preassigned bricktrons go to preassigned weapons stands then move to preassigned locations.
new feature: low urgency call to arms/ high urgency call to arms so workers can deposit their loads before kitting up


  • Yeah, that seems like a good idea. It would be good if they made it so you can do that while the game is paused, 'cause it seems like a bit tedious process, to do that to every single Bricktron you want to assign.
  • Yeah, this is the most important thing right now IMO, I even created a new Account just to answer here :)

    Way to much micro-management in the mid- and endgame. It takes me more than a minute to get every Bricktron to his position.
    The best way would be to have every weapon kit assigned to a weapon stand and a spot where you want your Troop to be. Every time you click "Call to Arms" every Bricktron will try to grab a near weapon kit and go to the position you assigned before.
    If you "Call to Work" they'll bring their weapons back to the stands (which is very annoying to do by yourself aswell) and would continue to work.
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