Some Ideas

Oil and the ability to let it fall from the walls and use fire on it
Burning Arrows for Ballista and marksman
You could make an Barrel with oil - if a marksman klicks on it he will have oiled arrows
If he is standing near a thorch he will light up his arrows automaticly (he has to stand in range and you Need to aktivate it like "h" for the Knight)

Wheels with Platform which could be pulled by workers.
You could build some offence structures to go over a wall
Or a Ladder man - a worker with a ladder to climb over the wall

Castle Gates (you can let the gate down to have a bridge over a small Trench)
Spikes and Trapdoors

New Units:
Dragon maybe with rider (hero or specific new unit)
horse Rider + (extra dmg from halberdiers against rider)
Two hander sword or axe (more dmg and faster but no Armor - same Price like knight)
Rogue unit or hero (with stealth till combat and more dmg from first hit out of shadows)
Needs to be out of cambat 30 sec to activate stealth again)

Hero: You can make one of your Units into a hero - he cannot be a worker again so you lost his working power but he can Level up. You can choose one of three - a Mage, a Knight or a Marksman
Small skill tree and they will gain exp if something is killed near by.

Aura to speed up units
Deadly shot (sniper shot)
Sight to see any area on the map
and more

heal instant full
and more

shield aura
more life and armor for him
and more

insta kill

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