number of bricktrons?

Hey guys,

question. Is there a limit of bricktrons you can have in sandbox mode? I have 17 guys running around busy and i'm 37 hours in to this current game and i have another bricktron ready to be "born" but once i hold over the crystal his picture is gray and would not let me berth him.
I tried assigning some to warriors and archers and still did not free up spot. Is that suppose to be like that or its a bug?


  • I think i figured it out. Some how some of my bricktrons dies. Probably fell off the ladder while it was dismantled. Because their "spirits" were flying around the crystal, but i did not have enough points to resurrect them. I think it's all good now..... will see ones i get them all back and then if i can get more.
    I'll report back
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