Bricktron Upgrades

Unit Upgrades

I personally think that this game could use some sense of progression. I think having a menu on the home screen where you can use points to upgrade units would make the game much more enjoyable and give players something to work for. Every unit but the base worker bricktron will be upgradable.

Leveling Up

To be able to earn these upgrade points, players would have to level up. After completeing single player and multiplayer games one could receive experience points (xp) based on how long they survived in invasion or whether they won or lost in conquest. Every time someone levels up they'd be rewarded with an upgrade point that can spend on a unit of their choice. There would be a level cap when you achieve enough upgrade points to max out all units

Effects on Multiplayer

In multiplayer, players would be matched with players of the same level so both players will be similar skill levels and have the same amount of points. If the game consists of player of varying levels, all players would be given the amount of points of the highest level player. In competitive play, players would be given a set amount of points below the max amount and will be able to set the points im some.kind of pre lobby before the game. This prelobby could also be utilized in non competitive multiplayer. Having the cap below max allows players to have variation in their playstyles as they put their points into different units.

Point Sets

Another cool feature would be the ability to save certain presets of upgrade points for competitive play, kinda like the league of legends masteries system in a way. This would allow players to allocate their points much faster in the prelobby and give them the ability to save sets that they really liked.

Please leave feedback both positive and negative and thanks for reading


  • I'd make it simpler by giving a random chance to find "old scrolls of wisdom" in the ground which give you certain troop improvements (speed, damage or carry capacity)
    In MP everybody should get the Upgrades he has already unlocked. To make them not OP the Upgrades would be by 10% at max
  • I love this idea, but let's get more specific.

    It would be nice if we didn't have to complete a WHOLE Conquest to get points. While these should be ways to get points, it would be nice if we could get tiny amounts of points by doing things such as construction, harvesting, crafting, killing enemies, summoning Bricktrons, and more.

    Not only that, but it also would be nice if we had some GOALS to reach. By that, I mean achievements. No, I'm not talking about the ones on the Steam application where you open the game. I mean a set of achievements that exist in the game that you could get experience points for completing. Some achievements could be building a certain amount of bricks, crafting a certain amount of kits, smelting a certain amount of bars, harvesting a certain amount of materials, killing a certain amount of enemies, tunneling a certain amount of voxels, and much, much more!

    Let's do your experience points this way: each time you level up, you get a "Skill Token" you can use to upgrade certain skill of your units. For example, Workers (I know you said these shouldn't have upgrades, but I oppose) can have skills for carry capacity, speed, health/defense, attack, mining speed, amount resources obtained and more! The more there are, the more there is to motivate the player. Other kits can have skills too. There should also be skills called "perks". These can include reforesting trees, allowing different items in a stockpile, and more. Once you get these skills, you can't upgrade them. You just have them and can use them.

    How about a currency in the game. Gold would work. You could currency to buy new structures, kits, bricks, and more! An impact this could have on multiplayer is betting on a Versus Conquest. You could bet 300, 600, 900, or 1,200 Gold (these are examples). You would then be matched up based on how much other players want to bet. The Gold of all of the players is combined (Ex. If there are three players that are betting 1,200, there will be 4,800 Gold in the pot.) and then given to the winner(s). If there is more than one person on the winning team, the Gold will be evenly divided the winners

    This idea is great. I think this can lead to big ideas! I would love exp implemented in the game! These are just some things you can add to your thread. Thanks!
  • CastleBuilderCastleBuilder Member
    edited December 2017
    Honestly I prefer the way the game is right now. If there's one thing that is peeving me about modern game design is the thirst and lust, for grinding to artificially expand the amount of content and shelf life a product has. As if the resource grinding wasn't enough for military advancement, now you're suggesting a meta game grind that you must follow unless you want to fight against noobs for eternity in multiplayer?

    What happened to just enjoying an open ended sandbox rife with open ended approaches on how to tackle problems? Yes even in such an environment there is a "meta" so to speak, such as the "slowing walls" meta in singleplayer and its many modernized derivatives. But it's not like you're being forced to play the game in such a way to fully indulge in all of its mechanics and intricacies. With such a system IMHO you'd be effectively destroying the sandbox like gameplay I like about Castle Story.

    Granted most modern Western videogamers were born and raised into schlock such as WOW, CoD and the like where grinding is the norm, and certainly Eastern gaming is not a stranger to it as evident in JRPGs. But what drew me to Castle Story wasn't the satisfaction of seeing a bunch of bells and whistles say I attained a crappy new level. What attracted me to Castle Story wasn't the daily grind for side quests and fancy new abilities to unlock. What drew me in was the open ended, elegantly simple marriage between city builder and RTS.
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