Mini Ballistas Instead Of Magic Wards

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I saw the last stream and I liked a lot of the concept of a turret in the game, but I dont have the feeling that this magic thing don't combine with the rest of the game right now, mostly because of the catapult dat is a medieval concept and more mechanical, so the crystal model shooting magical things in the enemy is strange to me, because this gives the feeling that the bricktron can control the crystal instead of the crystal being a superior force that created them (I dont have sure about this, but I think its that way: they were created firstly the rock with eyes then they evolved in yellow bricktron, all made by the crystal)
I just think the ballista is more cool and easy to balance because you can just use the archers stats and copy then.
Sorry for the english and Thanks for your time.
Keep doing an amazing job. :smile: :smile:
(I know it's just a project and it's not confirmed)


  • I agree actually, I'd love to see the Bricktrons to be more late medieval than magical mumbo jumbo in terms of tech. Also it would be pretty efficient to copy the archer's stats. But maybe we can hit a sweet spot between those who love magic by having auto turrets run on brimstone or crystal power, while having manned turrets as a cheaper alternative?

    Also aren't they also testing out healing structures as well?
  • FrancoisFrancois Administrator Developer
    Hi Kriesta,

    As one of the main actors in this feature's design and development, I feel compelled to answer. The idea of having mechanical turrets is still seriously considered in the studio. Your question touches two very different aspects of our game's design.

    First, we want our game to have a feeling of both magical and medieval tech. The world is obviously magical in it's essence and it would be fair that the Bricktron developed some level of control over it. The magical wards is a new element we want to introduce to the world to bring it closer to our initial vision of Castle Story. I can understand why it stands our for now but I am confident that once it's part of the lore, it will blend nicely with the rest. I promise that we will try our best not to make it too mage-punk and keep some mystery and awe to the island's magic. Besides, we have plans for a bunch of mechanical contraptions keep a nice medieval feeling to your castles.

    Then, from a game mechanic perspective, we decided to make automated towers before manual ones because we thought there was not much difference between placing a mechanical turret on your castle wall and posting an archer there. With the upcoming crafting and tool system, your Bricktron will be able to change their equipment so there is little to gain from having a fixed and permanent defense unit. Automatic towers are a way to make the builders more interesting. They reward players who invest in their castle's infrastructures while letting him keep as much free builders as possible. We could of course have both kind of defensive structures and balance them in a way that makes them both useful without making archers obsolete. In due time, perhaps we will, but for now, we want to concentrate of the automated defense mechanics.

    I hope that answers your question. Thanks for your feedback :)

  • Well that assuages my concerns, since I am very pro compromise.
  • As it seems to be more logic, I prefer the Ballista (Of course with a bricktron to operate it).
  • Yup, ballista is far better.
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    I think it would be better to change attacking Sentinel to something like power field which will hold enemies for some time but no damage them. You could kill em at the time Power Field is working. And then puff! It turnes off for cooldown and all still living corruptrons go forward! Then if you have no walls they will come in.

    What is a bad thing about Sentinel - you could build a lot of them, much more then you could have bricktrons. So Sentinels could possibly quickly outnumber bricktrons (of cause as far as you could build them) which will make defence absolutly indestructible for the other player because of limited bricktrons number.

    Anyway it's all doesn't really matter before crashs, lags and other key problems solved. Because if the game crashes often as it for now it doesn't really matter how it works if you couldn't play it at all.
  • I think the sentinel is fine how it is.
  • I like the magitech and autoaiming ballistas would be a bit weird, that said a full size balissta could be a nice defencive thing
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