My Worst Time on CS

So, I made a custom map, 2 large plains with a relatively narrow piece of land connecting them. I built a MASSIVE wall across it, and I topped it off with a grand tower above the gatehouse with a catapult on top and large stores of ammunition for it, safely tucked away in small stone rooms at different parts of the tower, in places where if they blow they wont damage the tower itself... So I am getting attacked and all of a sudden for the first time ever, my OUTER BRIDGE is overrun... usually the massive hordes of archers within the multiple levels of this wall shielded by a bit of wood never even let them get close to the bridge, but this time they overrun it and I simply fall back to the gatehouse.... I then promptly realize a major design flaw... the only flaw in this wall... but when they started overrunning the gatehouse they tried to climb up to the firing ledge the archers are on facing down into the passageway through the wall, thus triggering the flaw, and bringing the whole tower down... in two halves... And both halves fell right down on top of the wall, one to each side of the gatehouse. And then the explosive barrels went off... thus collapsing the whole top of this wall, and this wall was my ONLY fortifaction and it housed ALL my resources, and the final fallbacks were at the top, and now were destroyed and had rubble fill many of the passageways and I lost soon after, seeing as how 1/3 of my whole force was trying to push them back at the gatehouse, right where the collapse started killing all my guys.


  • I'm picturing the end of a movie with dramatic music as your tower comes crashing down... also i"d love to see this design :tongue:
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