Am I taking crazy pills?

Thank you for continuing the development through all of the harsh, but deserved, criticism. Opening up to questions is also commendable.

So this is a story about a guy that wants to play a potentially good game and wonders why the developers continue to make modes that punish the players and not modes that can give them a measure of success to truly enjoy the game.

I am confused. Is everyone on this forum playing the same game?

While you have a pleasant building type game, the survival mode is far from fun. Can it actually be played sustainably?

My point is the mines and building is great. But the corruptons (from here on out referred to as “bad guys”) are not fun enemies. And now there are more with more abilities? Where is the mage or cleric that heals our very fragile and cliff diving stupid bricktons(from here on out referred to as the good guys)?

But this survival only pisses me off and it is the only mode with a mine.

I want people to like this game, it has such potential, so I am curious if they people on this forum are just “amazing beta rogue with broken features play test masters” that think this game has something to offer, today? Or are they playing a version of the game I am not?

Because, with all the additions to the bad guys and the small tweaks for the good guys, this is the same unfinished project, with a new impossible mode being developed, that it was 3 years ago.

Please twitch Stream or Capture a play through of a successful run of this new Mode you’re developing.

Unless this is possible, you have just created another unplayable aspect to a long overdue game.

At least you are doing something, and I respect that.
But seriously, do you guys play this project?
Do you play your beta?
If so, how often?
What is your favorite part of this beta game play?

IS it fun? Seriously, do you have fun playing your survival mode? If so, please post a stream of it. I don’t see how anyone cannot leave more frustrated than when they arrive from a session of Castle Story. I want to be proved wrong. I want you guys to think this is an awesome project and you love it, and it is fun to you. And you finish it in some sort of realistic timeframe.

But it feels like we are getting punished.

The only story in this castle is either a massacre or a huge island one must hollow out, but still, resources are too scarce to build any thing of consequence. Well in order to build something grandiose, it is a chore to gather said resources and it turns into a work simulator, where when you updated to the latest build you lost all your work.

I promise mines are one of the best parts of your game engine.
Please include them in every mode.

Really, inter-dimensional rifts that contain all this building stuff and gems to make more good guys and magic are cool and fun. Yet there is no focus on giving to your players, only empty buttons on main menu’s, links to pictures instead of websites in your news feeds and modes of game play that are not fun.

Create a mode where we can beat up the bad guys. Not get creamed while we deal with bugs and glitches no UI to speak of and prototype widgets and the like.

Do you want us to have fun?

Create a mode that we can chose how many and what bad guys are invading and when. You know so we can have fun playing while seeing how your bad guys, who get all the updates, do against us at a manageable scale.

Why do you have a world editor button on the menu?
There is not one, so remove the button until there is.
I don’t like to be reminded of what this beta is not, I am sure others feel the same way.

Why is the first part of every news item in every one of your steam news feeds a link to your logo? Do you know how frustrating this is? Why is this very important “first click” link broken and not linking to your forums or blog or anything but a picture of your logo that I have to close out of?

Again, good job keeping on…

But could you focus on producing something fun that rewards your player base and fixing amateur web reference mistakes in your professional career?

This new mode sounds terrible, and impossible. Waves of impossible enemies attacking substandard good guys that cannot expand past one location, but must capture more?

Or post a video (or several since this is a beta) of a successful play through of this new mode, and I will have an attainable goal to match.

If someone in this community has fun playing this game in survival, please upload a video or capture of you playing and having fun while being successful in the mode you are playing in. I try, and try and then it ends in futile frustration.

Who has binge played this game?
How long can you play it?
Are we playing the same survival?

Am I taking crazy pills?

I am here because I want you guys to do this. Go watch the videos you made for the crowd sourcing. Make something that delivers that.

Again why are you making enemies tougher when the good guys have no way to heal themselves?

The building aspect of the game is great, and those that have 14 hours a day for weeks at a time to build castles that look nice is also great. I cannot invest that time into a beta that could not save my project.

Again good job on working on the project and bring us patch 0.6.4, so now I can build and save my work.

Cool, but I want to play against an AI that is fair or humans. I don’ t really care about building decorative castles in a time consuming way. When I can do it quicker and easier in minecraft.

If I could build my buildings in other maps and bring my blueprints to a survival map, this would be a proper investment in my time. But right now, your beta is barely different than it was 3 years ago when I eagerly purchased the license.

So now I can finally save my progress between updates in the one mode that is not broken, just without the best feature of your project(mines)… and I don’t really care to take advantage of this aspect of the game play, so this is only good for a segment of your beta testers...

You obviously want a PvE aspect, since you keep updating the creatures your players cannot use, so why is it still so terrible?

Just absolutely rotten.

Again, if someone disagrees, let me see your video of you killing it in survival and you having a blast.

Castle Story was the reason I downloaded steam. IT was my first Steam purchase.

Sure the building is fun, but as I said the time pay off is not realistic when you work for a living.

Please work on making aspects of the PvP or PvE(my favorite in RTS games) fun, and not unfairly punishing through a combination of poor design decisions and an incomplete interface and feature set during combat.

The End


  • I have to agree that I miss the faster pace of old RTS, maybe they can implement a setting to make everything move faster? so you can play "true speed" and faster. But normally that would be dependant on amount of bricktrons you have. the more you have the faster the task, in a few hours i ended up with 10 or so bricktrons and work was going decently, I think when it comes to the multiplayer the building will have to be faster.

    Like the other mode suggests its "survival" you start with nothing and have to live through the first few nights without getting murdered by everything. Thought this game is still beta, so balancing and tweaking will come.
  • @JRL101, so you enjoy this mode, now?
  • I think the invasion mode is thoroughly enjoyable. I have played over 50 hours of it now and I think it is great. Sure it's got hand fulls of bug but i think it is completely playable (assuming you save regularly). Don't get me wrong though, it can be very hard
  • Where is the mage or cleric that heals our very fragile and cliff diving stupid bricktons. xD great one and pretty accurate that really made me laugh.
  • Designing and saving blueprints (with some sort of limitation) so i can bring it over to survival sounds so much better, and could pace things quicker for us. Gives a fighting chance, although I've found some tips online that really help increase your chances if your down for ugly buildings (I.E. pyramid towers to put archers on so corruptrons have to climb slowly and archers shoot straight at 'em.
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