Community Q&A session #1

Hi everyone!

We’re happy to introduce our first Q&A session!


Every two weeks, we’ll invite our community members to submit us questions about the Castle Story development. It can be everything from game design, animation and sound design to programming, pathfinding, AI or anything related to the game production.

Afterwards, we will choose 5 questions and sit down with a developer to answer them!


  1. Simply write your question in this forum post.
  2. You have until MARCH 11th at midnight EST to submit your question!
  3. In two weeks, the answers well be posted right here:

See you soon!!

- Team Sauropod


  • rzeszowrzeszow Member
    edited March 2016
    [Q1]Can you give me a free code to this game?
    [Q2]Pleas UnBann me on Steam group ... I m blocked for writing a review ....
  • [Q1]Do you plan on adding liquids in the game like water for example ?
    [Q2]What can we expect in the 1.0 release of the game ?
    [Q3]What future gamemodes are you planning for multiplayer ?
    That is all, thank you for making such a great game it's a lot of fun :)
  • [Q1]what do you imagine the 'main game mode' to look like?
    [Q2]will there be other enemy factions, something other than corruptons?
    [Q3]why did the dev team decide upon floating islands?
  • [Q1] Will there be savable schematics to buildings and will they be downloadable? (That "Person" Built)
    [Q2] Will there be any new maps introduced in later verisons of the game?
    [Q3] Is performance your top subject to fix for the game?
  • Hi guys
    1) The repair task needs a climbing function or a ladder option. Lots of times my brickton can't reach to repair walls because their to high. The brickton in the repair task could have climbing shoes, a rope or ladder.
    2) Bear traps are a pain to manually reset after every battle. The repair task should be used for this too.
    3)How about some different doors? Dungeon door, double door, arched door and some wood windows.
    4) Will there be fire in the game? Archers need a new arrow, the flaming arrow
    5)Can we get more traps? Like iron and wood spikes. How about a onetime use huge bear trap that kills the big guy?
    6) Thanks guys Awesome game
  • RenkageRenkage Member
    edited March 2016
    Glad to see this game didn't die. Keep up the hard work and remember that there are some people out there that actually do want to see you make this game wonderful. Now for the questions.

    1: Are there going to be different styles of existing Brickton classes? For example some sort of berserker or polearm wielding class? Or Crossbow Brickton for the ranged option?
    2: Have any plans to make it easier to make it to other floating islands. Like a Brickton catapult or something?
    3: Finally, how will you improve upon building?
  • 1)Are you going to make Castle Story a full game?

    2)I love this game

    3)Are you going to add more ways to play the game

  • Q1: Some others asked this as well, do you plan to add any liquids of some sort? Water, magma, oil?
    Q2: Castle vs. castle would be great, any thoughts?
    Q3: More types of enemies?
    Q4: Raiding an enemy castle with catapults and stuff could be cool, any thoughts?
  • 1] Do you plan do add machines into the game?
    2] Can we have more character models/cosmetic variation to the bricktrons?
    3] More physics-based objects and interactive world? (Like something destroying parts of the landscape)
    4] Can we expect to be able to Upgrade things?
    5] Any plans to add more resources and some kind of tech tree?
  • 1] when will the world editor be back in the game?
    i have a lower end computer so the game is a whopping 5 fps at times. having the world editor would be great for making smaller custom maps with better performance. then the ones with better computers can make and play bigger crazy maps.
  • 1] Will you ever add a way to "Move" the main crystal? For example using 5 of those floaty yellow things used to spawn bricktrons to place it somewhere else?
    2] Or maybe on the bigger maps, could you have 5 different starting places to choose from or something?
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