Blue Crystals & Souls

On invasion (my preferred gamemode), I am finding that the blue crystal quickly becomes useless. I don't really know what I am suggesting, but it could do with being balanced.
Basically, due to my lack of skill on most games, I had never passed wave 15 but I have managed to reach 30 and (I think) Since maybe 20 -I could be wrong- when my 'trons get their 4 blue crystal, they have only added 1% to a new bricktron. The issue is that between each wave, I may gain at most 7 or 8 %, which, with the souls, doesn't really give enough, only letting me get a new 'tron maybe every 20 minutes. This means that when I take casualties, it takes way too long to bring back another bricktron in their place... and even longer to increase my ranks.
This is just my opinion, and I don't want the game to become too easy, but maybe this could be looked at.


  • DoeyIXDoeyIX Member
    Actually, having played some more, I am not so sure that there needs to be any major change, I think that I was just annoyed at accidently misfiring my catapult at most of my army... But having continued I've found that I'm able to pull back from those losses, so maybe this works as is. I don't know, to be honest, I'm confusing myself...
  • I think this Idea is great for Sandbox, I mean you need Workers and there are no enemies.
  • though if you were having bricktron breeding issues in multiplayer a marketplace would work so you can sell surplus materials for blue crystals (which would be the currency)
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