Converting Saves to Playable maps

Hi, just creating this discussion to ask whether or not there was a method to convert saved games into a playable map like Pineburg.


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    Hey Mecky, looking into this for you :)
  • Sweet! :)
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    Hey MisterMecky!

    Okay, I poked around and got an answer from our modding expert developer Jokie. Keep in mind it's unofficial, might break, might not work, might work, will probably not break, you get the idea. :P - Feel free to try it out, poke around in the code and if you can figure it out, be sure to share. ;)

    The trick is;
    - You create the map
    - You start a (sandbox?) game and build whatever you want to (this part is easier and cleaner for us developers because we have tools to instantly spawn constructions. Unfortunately this is not available to players)
    - You save the game and close it.

    At this point you have, in Info/Saves your save folder and in Info/UGC/Maps your custom map folder. There are files you want to transfer from your save folder to your custom map folder. These are as follow;

    - PlacedBlocks.json for, well, placed blocks. :smiley:
    - gameobjects.json for objects such as the stockpile, doors, catapults, etc. Non brick/non-wooden stuff.
    - trees.json if you want to copy the trees' state.
    - removedvoxels.json, terraindamage.json and terrain surfacelayer.json. These three don't need to be copied if you only dig the very first "crust" layer of the ground. ;)

    You could even, technically, open each of these files and modify to your heart's content. For example, gameobjects, open that and remove stockpiles that you needed to build the construction in the first place (or better yet, assign a Bricktron to do it before saving).

    Hopefully that helps. Let me know how it turns out!

    Edit: Just tested it, works great. :) Enjoy.
  • Works like a charm! Thanks Shatojon!

    What I did was create a map, then played it in sandbox mode. From there I built what I wanted then saved my progress. I then replaced the PlacedBlocks.json in the map with the new one from the save. I did not want to bring across stockpiles or tree states, so nothing else was copied. Seems to do the trick quite nicely. :smiley:

    It might be worth noting that tree stumps count as placed blocks, and if it is wanted for all the trees to be regenerated (Not coping across trees.json) , then the stumps should be removed during sandbox mode before coping the PlacedBlocks.json across from a save. They will act buggy if not removed.

    Other than that, no problems with this method yet. :)
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Very awesome, glad to hear it worked out for you too. :D

    Love your map with the bridges, by the way. Can't wait to give it a try! Thank you for sharing it.
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