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  • Yeah,it used to be an actual task they can do.
  • You can go in the map editor and change the spawn point (home crystal) and the corruptron spawn/s already.
  • I'll try messing around with it. Thanks! Update:So I set it to 0.5 and it worked,for the most part.While small text like bricktron names appeared blurry and was hard to see,the UI was much smaller and I was able to play on 600X400 windowed without …
  • I'd guess a brimstone powered cart with 4 stockpiles and a workbench on it would make outposts much easier to manage, make trading alliances a thing in 4 player games and give the game more of an RTS feel,but I honestly can't picture horses or anyth…
  • Thank you for help! I hope that I will make it work during this weekend. Just wanna say,this is a really cool idea. If this can actually work,I wonder what else the modding community could do.I think Creaperbox already made a survival mode with diff…
  • Happybodi here,I couldn't find the steam login this time so I made an alt account. This can actually be upgraded by adding an extra row of planks to the sides of it and placing the stockpiles on the newly created edge,making room for 4 more stockpil…