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  • Actually, I encountered this. I had harvesting tasks that I could no longer edit. They didn't show up on the task bar. The resources were gone, so I wanted to cancel them. But, clicking on them didn't seem to bring up the dialog for that. But, late…
  • Actually, here's a save, if you wanna investigate it that way.
  • Here's another blockage. Or it could be two. Nevertheless, the two workers down there don't know how to unblock themselves. And the ones above don't wanna come down either. Until I manually unblock it for them.
  • Oh, I just thought, that I can probably replace those stairs with block stairs. I've just done that, so probably it's not so critical that they self-repair stairs. But, it would be cool if they did.
  • So, this is the blockage I'm talking about: Seems simple, but they can't seem to understand that the blockage needs to be dug out. So, I'm pretty sure this quarry is now disused. I'll have to manually unblock it for them to use it again. Notice th…
  • Oh right, now that I've been playing/fighting, I see we do have hold fire controls. So, this suggestion is probably already done. Sorry about that, I hadn't really played with the right-click controls before.
  • Oh, and this is just them attacking a spot, not an enemy. They might move to within range if they spot an enemy, like normal. But, when just attacking a brick, I've seen them just stand there and not throw them, until I move them closer.
  • I don't have a screenshot on hand. But, I'll try to take one next time they do it. They don't always do it. Sometimes they just keep moving to quickly get to the door. But, when the front one pauses, then the one following stops too, and then they s…
  • Just adding to this. I once watched a Let's Play youtube video, and the guy just didn't understand how the land around his racks kept changing and changing. He wasn't the brightest guy, and maybe he's discovered the truth at some point, but I think …
  • I worked out how they get stuck. So, what happens is: there's like iron ore or something on the ground. And instead of using the clean-up command on it (like I should), I just tell them to go ahead and pick it up, like they would a log or something…
  • Oh, and if I save the game, and reload, they get unstuck.
  • I worked it out. Same structure, but slightly different build method. But, yeah, they seem to be able to build a tower like this, if this block is repeated. So, just a matter of sizing it right for them.
  • Oh right, I've noticed that if you start a game, say invasion, and then quit to go back to the title screen, and start another game, it'll be a bit longer to get into it than last time. And, each time you do this, quitting to go back to title, and r…
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  • Actually, what if there was just an added option to alter the top height of a quarry? Usually, it's not needed. But, if you already started a quarry, and finished it. Then wanted to deepen it, the quarry system usually just starts at the very bottom…
  • Another idea to this might be... if there's no bins currently available to put the material recovered by a clean-up task, maybe there could be a rule for them to just go dump it in one of he dumping sites? So, rather than ending up locked in place, …