simultaneous stubs removing

CharlieFCharlieF Member
edited March 2018 in Suggestions

It would be nice to select all of the stubs by draging the cursor and then do just one click to make an order. Now we should select every single stub by clicking on it.
Also i think stubs should give some wood loot just like trees....


  • While I'm fine with not getting anything from stumps, I definitely agree that there needs to be a better way to remove them. I'm about to post a suggestion about changing how removal in construction tasks works that would indirectly help with this, but ideally I think that landscaping tasks should remove stumps as well, that would make stump removal MUCH easier, and allow you to potentially prepare for building in that area, too! Except that would also end up gathering small amounts of dirt that you may not want at the time. I think it's funny though, that stumps are just as much of a frustration in-game as in real life! X D But yeah, it is such a pain to click to remove every one of them...
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