2 types of "Call To Arms"

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Hello Sauropod!
My friend and I thought we should have another "call to arms" option were Bricktrons first put there stuff in the stockpile ( or on the location were they were supposed to) and the "call to arms" we all know were they rush to the weapon racks.

Thanks for the super game you made and hope it will be a top game on steam!
Good luck for the future!

Happybodi and zeene


  • I really like that idea It's so simple but so genius
  • I like this idea too, a lot. My suggestion is that the other, less panic-induced call-to-arms could be a hotkey for selected or grouped Bricktrons. This way, you select a group, use the pie-wheel or hotkey to select... "calmy-to-arms", then the Bricktrons act as described, that way not only are they acting in a more orderly manner, but it doesn't even need to be ALL the Bricktrons. For that matter, it'd be nice to have a general "put things away" button for when you want to control a Bricktron, but you're having trouble finding one without stuff in their hands...
  • I like that idea of selecting bricktrons even for both call-to-arms!
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