Shaman guys hiding behind one-block high walls?

Hey, so I've had this situation occur too many times not to comment about it. Generally, two of them come as a pair. If they find some shelter, the can stop and haunch down (bunker down behind a one-block high wall), and become practically invincible. You know just how large they are? They stand a good two-blocks high on all-fours. I find it ridiculous they can hunch themselves down so small and disappear. How can they do that, when they have such a large body?

More than once, I've lost quite a bit to this sniping behavior of theirs. I haven't encountered them again, but I think I'll just use bombs on them next time they try it.

But, again... large, long-limbed body. How can they just crouch down behind a one-block high wall? Cheat much?


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    I'm totally confused right now lol - are you saying the Warlock in your game is crouching behind a one-high row of blocks and that turns him invincible because archers can't shoot him?

    Can you show me a screenshot of when they do that?
  • I don't have a screenshot on hand. But, I'll try to take one next time they do it. They don't always do it. Sometimes they just keep moving to quickly get to the door. But, when the front one pauses, then the one following stops too, and then they seem to just bunker down, sniping.

    But, I think the archers can still see them, hiding there. But, depending on where they choose to do it, there's only like six archers that can shoot them. The sentinels that are right there are completely blind to them, and they just fall victim to their sniping. The archers are much too weak to kill them, so I have been having to send them all out to go shoot at them point-blank. That was before I thought of the bomb guys to do that task.

    But to date, they've done it around three times, hiding behind the one-block high walls. Before, I have noticed them doing it on like one-and-a-half height walls, when it's on a slope, and that was totally understandable. I can see them hiding there. But, not behind the one-block high wall.

    So, the problem is, they hunker down and the sentinels loose track of them. There's two of them, and since they're pretty powerful, they are pretty hard to kill. When they summon minions, the sentinels can see those guys, since they often just appear on top of the walls.

    But yeah, I'll try to take a pic of them doing this next time.
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    That's really weird @tryguy,

    The intended behavior of the Warlock is as follows: IF within a certain radius, the Bricktrons outnumber the Corruptrons, the Warlock will cast its spawn ability where it spawns 3 Corruptrons. This has a 30 seconds (or was it 1 minute?) cooldown.

    Otherwise, if the Warlock has vision on an enemy within its radius, it will stop and fire at it.

    If it's spawn ability is on cooldown and there is no Bricktron in its line of sight, it will beeline for your crystal or whatever target interests it right now.

    I'm curious to see a video or pic of the situation you're describing.
  • ...Actually, that's interesting, because I've repeatedly have Warlocks that will hide around a cliff-corner, pop out, spawn some minions, shoot a couple times, then go back around the corner again... And the corner is actually further away from my castle and crystal! Then I gotta' go hunt them down...
    If I remember right, the definition/translation of "warlock" is something like "lawbreaker" or "deceiver"...
    They're breaking the laws of the game!
    X D
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