Planks, Floor, Distance, Prototyping

Ok so I did the following (VB = Vertical Beam, HB= Horisontal Beam)

A 3b3 square of VB with distance 2 Voxels.
All where connected with HB with 1 HB going across the middle.
Planks where put on this and a nice floor was created.

When I expanded this 3VB above with the same distance etc it was not possible to cover the area with planks.
Why? What is the maximum distance for planks to create a floor?

Also is there a mode where I can protype buildings without having to wait for the Bricktrons to do their thing?
Sort of like the world editor but with buildings aswell


  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Screenshot please? :)

    In the 1.0 update, you'll have access to the new Debug Mode, allowing you to instantly build structures, spawn units, change time and time speed.
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hey Nibbles,

    What's going on is that they need to build the beam I circled in order to build the ramps around it. However, they can't reach that beam - it's higher than 3 voxels up and it's too far from the last built plank.

    You'll need to figure out a way to allow your Bricktrons to reach that beam to build it - maybe temporary stairs?

  • Ok that fixed the blu-part. It does not explain the red-part :smile:

    But I did some testing (in v1.0 (love the new menu))
    It looks like that when you build planks it calculates the distance from the dragdirection.

    So If I drag the plank where the unsupported distance is below the limit it works (ofcourse)
    But if I drag the plank from the other direction it doesnt realize that the distance is ok from the other direction and becomes red. If I after the blue parts are built I come back to add the missing pieces it will not work until I redo the complete plank from the other direction.

    And in my case above that would be the complete top platform.

    Maybe add some information somewhere saying why it will not adjust even though the space is ok (but direction is not)
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    The red parts; your planks can only stretch that far away from a beam. You'll need another beam. :) You can make beams longer by supporting them with braces beneath the beginning of the beam.
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