0.9 questions

Hi! I have some questions about this new version.
1) The most important: When we can play it?! Jajaja
2) It's possible than you've reduced the damaged and the destruction caused by the catpult? Now it's very bad. You would buff it again in this patch 0.9?
3) I see some videos in Twitter than you put some kind of ward-tower. We can use it in this patch 0.9?
3) When you will change of system? I understand than you uses Unity. You thinks keep using it or change in some moment?

That's for now!


  • Oh oh oh! I forget:
    4) (And I see now, it would be 5), my mistake) It's possible than the Corruptrons not be the wvil people in this game?
    Maybe we are the bad people, and that poor Corruptrons just want to save the natural resources what we, bad guys, use so inconsederality!
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    1) Soon! ;)
    2) Yes, the Catapult was nerfed slightly because it was too OP in multiplayer. We feel like the current balance is fairly good - you will need 2-3 barrels but you will poke a hole through a wall for sure. Just not from the first one.
    3) Yes!
    3 (two times 3!) We are not planning on using a different engine. That would mean essentially starting over and would delay the release of the game further.
    4) Everything is possible. ;)
  • Is it possible to enable Halloween mod in LUA folder for current game version?
  • Also, is it possible to disable camera auto-ground at all? I mean when you press "V" camera just attaching to ground level. But in previous versions pressing "V" force camera to attach OR stop at current level - it was very useful for rough terrain with many holes :smile:
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Halloween mod: Unfortunately not, sorry.

    Camera auto-ground: Upcoming update. :)
  • Understood. Thanks for info! I'll be waiting for next Halloween and Christmas update :)
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