about digging corruptron

I like the digging part because it keeps players to cheapen out too much on defenses, however, it has been annoying because:

- sometimes when they dig they burrow under the voxels and I've to manually dig each voxel to have a guard path to them
- it's quite too fast, they dig faster than one can seal back after the wave, especially at later levels where killing a wave takes time
- if the map has you at the top of a ravine, it's guaranteed they'll dig all the way up, even if there's a convenient road next
- they dig straight to the crystal and because of the burrowing you can't do much but wait till they exit

digging around fortification is fine and challenging, but the current implementation feels off to me.

I'd like to see them sap under walls, not under the whole map.


  • *crickets chirping*
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer
    Hey LoS,

    Sorry for the quiet, we've been super busy at GDC, PAX and preparing 0.9.

    I can see why you'd find it annoying. I'll discuss it with the team. However, keep in mind that it's pretty easy to send a knight over to the entrance of the Corruptrons' tunnel and stop 'em in their tracks. :)

    Removing the feature entirely would bring back the issues that this feature solved.
  • the problem is that it is *not* easy. as they die and dig the dirt fills the tunnel, so to reach the others digging you have to dig through, which is a voxel by voxel extremely annoying fight between the camera and the cursor to select the right voxel to smash

    if the dirt to voxel consolidation where significantly longer, one could do what you say, but it's not the case.

  • i've had the same issue, but have had 3 waves in a row slowly digging staircases up in the cliff walls to reach lanterns.

    like, seriously?
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer
    Sorry about that guys, I'm forwarding this to our QA.
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